Benedictine Spirituality meets Anabaptist Culture: Plain Catholics

Since my return to a more “Catholic minded” spirituality I have often wrestled with the fact that although I love the sacred tradition and worship of the Catholic Church, I still hold on to some Mennonite/Anabaptist beliefs. I try to stay moderately separate from the world, though I fail at this often. I also try to obey all the teachings the Lord gives us in the Sermon on the Mount, again I am no where near perfect.
So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a website about a community that describes themselves as “Plain Catholics”! From the information I have gathered, plain Catholics are catholics who are obedient to the catechism of the Catholic Church, but like the Amish or Mennonites try to live separate from the world. They try to practice homsteading skills, limit technology and go to Mass and other devotions as often as possible . Women and men dress simply and modestly. Women where a headcovering of some kind all day. Much of their way of life corresponds to the rule of St. Benedict.
Unfortunately, do to my current job and other personal restraints I am not able to go completely plain in dress and lifestyle. However, I’m going to try to incorporate the plain lifestyle into practice as much as I am able. I am discerning wearing a headcovering full time not only for the scriptural reason, but as an outward sign of my inward devotion to Christ. Although I’ll have to be a little discreet with that while at work. ( I would love to hear about any experiences as a headcovering Christian in the world of work.)
For more information on the plain Catholic lifestyle visit:
For info on the rule of St. Benedict visit:

Blessings and peace be with all!

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